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February 12, 2007

Welcome to Everyday Law!

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I feel like I should be welcoming myself — I am new to blogging and you are all probably old hat at reading. So I am the new one here. Newness aside, I do have some things to say and information to provide that I know can be helpful to people. I just hope to be entertaining enough to keep people reading.

Someone recently gave me an opportunity to speak very briefly on one of my areas of expertise — consumer bankruptcy. The topic was “Common mistakes I see my clients make”. The difficulty was in keeping my advice brief! My clients are all wonderful people, but they are not experts in bankruptcy. Why would they want to be? They have their own full lives to run. My job as an attorney is to help them decide if a bankruptcy would help their financial situation and then help them to successfully GET that bankruptcy and the fresh start it offers.

Unfortunately, sometimes people do things before seeing a lawyer that just dig themselves deeper into trouble, and that was what I hope this blog can be about.

Before you are at a point where you need an attorney, there are still bits of law that are useful to know. Being familiar with the law, whenever it intersects with your daily life, can keep you out of court and out of trouble. The areas of law I know best are three:

(1) consumer bankruptcy;

(2) consumer law, including fighting harassment and intimidation by debt collectors; and

(3) employment law, especially fighting discrimination in the workplace and protecting whistleblowers.

I hope to have some guest bloggers on here sometimes as well — attorneys who can add information relating to car accidents, copyrights, divorces, child custody and wills. But for now, I think I will have a lot to say on my own.

— Amy Kleinpeter

Clark Kleinpeter Law

Pasadena, California



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